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Spinning Mantra Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace

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Product Description

Spinning Mantra Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace
Was... $118.95... Now available for ONLY $49.95!!
** Attract Good Karma to your life**

This unique necklace features a highly detailed design with an engraved 6 word mantra and lotus flower design. Black antique detailing throughout the pendant €™s many sides brings this spiritual message to life.

The disc medallion spins around on the frame it is securely attached to on the top, removing and reversing negative energy and karmactic blocks. As it spins, it allows fresh energy to spring through the use of symbolism and movement.

Ancient chakra techniques combined with a modern stylish appeal makes this spiritual pendant and chain necklace set perfect for frequent wear. Keep the Evil Eye, unseen negativity, and unforeseen circumstances away with this energetic forcefield pendant.


Six syllables of the Buddhist Mantra: OM MANI PAD-ME HUM

1. Om (ohm) - destroys the ego, helps generosity

2. Ma (mah) - removes jealousy, helps ethics

3. Ni (nee) - helps patience, removes desire

4. Pad (pahd) - helps perseverance, removes prejudice

5. Me (meh) - helps concentration, removes possessiveness

6. Hum (hum) - removes hatred, helps wisdom



Material: Solid 925 Sterling silver
Height: About 3.4cm
Width: About 2.4cm
Thickness: About 0.6cm
Weight: About 11g


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